Pine Hanzuki
Gender Female
Professional Status
Occupation Prosecutor

Student (6th Grader)

Affiliation Tenbin Elementary School

Class 6-3

Personal Status
Status Active
Manga Chapter 1

A dual-line thoroughbred elite. Her father is a prosecutor and her mother is a finincial magnate. As the heiress to the distinguished Hanzuki family known throughout the legal world, she is training as a grade-school prosecutor at her father's behest. She dislikes Inugami, and her favorite precure is Cure Peace from 'Smile Pretty Cure!'


Height: 4 ft and 10 inches

She has long blonde hair and brown eyes. She ties her hair into twin-tails and likes to dress up cutely. During courtroom sessions, she cosplays as a precure, slightly resembling Cure Peace.

Her chest is very flat, which she seems to be conscious about. Abaku called them 'raw' in the pilot chapter.


She is very competitive and even stayed behind at Tenbin Elementary School when she was meant to transfer, just to get a chance to beat Abaku at a case at least once. Pine is also two-faced, pretending to be kind and sweet while thinking rude things. She only seems to show her nasty side to Abaku. Her best friend is Shiratori. Her nickname for Abaku is "Puppygami" while he calls her "Pineapple".

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